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Welcome! You will find 24 albums here, from my very latest collection of songs on Thunderheart in 2016, going right back to my debut album Open Secret in 1987, which was predominantly instrumental. You can also listen to samples, read descriptions, buy CD's and downloads, watch YouTubes, see galleries and find out about concerts and forthcoming events in these pages! My songs, instrumental pieces and piano vignettes are spiritually themed, intimate and heart-centered in intent. I sometimes also re-interpret traditional songs and great love ballads by other troubadours of our times, like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, and combine this musical output with a private practice as a transpersonal psychotherapist.

"Your music has a sacred, healing quality that speaks directly to my soul.
It reminds me of something precious, almost forgotten.
It speaks to me of an eternal peace beyond all earthly suffering."

~ Sandy Boonman, The Netherlands

"You have a great gift for expressing the deepest language and longing of the soul."

~ Susan Neale, UK

"I have attended many of your concerts, and I find that every performance of yours is
unique as I watch you unfold over time. Each time I see and feel that you become
one with the music something mysterious happens to me. It's as if I'm receiving a
form of radiance which is being reflected as you become one with the music. What
is bestowed upon you is then released. When you sing, Divine love and music unite,
and you sing for love."

~ Gloria Vahid, UK


Latest news


My current album "THUNDERHEART" was released only this month, but I've already embarked on recording my next album "Calvary Hill" up in Norfolk (the UK) with genial genius Tim Rock. 5 songs are already in the can out of 13! They are:

'Calvary hill'
'Never give up'
'Sweet wood-smoke'
'Who are you?'
'Jesus come to me'

These songs are inspired by where I live at the edge of Budapest half the time, up in the Buda hills in the village of Hidegkút. Opposite my bedroom window is the magical, mystical Calvary Hill (Kálvária-hegy). The mountain speaks to me! My friend Brigi lives down the road, and she's on fire with her sacred art at the moment... and these paintings also speak to me. We both of us go into the forest (at different times!!!) and receive inspiration through the ether. It is a very powerful, ancient territory.

This album should be finished in December (artwork & everything) and might even be ready for Christmas. The music is quite folky, anthemic, intimate and poignant. 'Sweet wood-smoke' is about a lost love, but I can see her house from the hill... and all our friend's houses... and my little life up there... and I wonder if we can smell the same sweet wood-smoke.

'Calvary hill,' the title track, is like an ancient Grail ballad... a chivalric song about love and sacrifice, and crossing over into a spiritual dimension, shamanically.

'Never give up' spurs me on... I needed to write that to stop me giving up! I find the spiritual path THAT hard! Love, loss, sacrifice, the endless road... full of ordeals, dragons and inner demons. My path is to give my whole heart to God, unconditionally...to give my whole life. I got very ill this summer with grief and loss, and bewilderment... I lost 8 kilos, too. The path of glory or the path of sorrow... they keep changing the sign-posts!

'Who are you?' is about my feelings for a lost love, and a beautiful truth in her mystery that I treasure. She must fly... and I must believe. Brigi painted the magnificent 'Cross of Lancelot'... about the moment Lancelot sacrificed his love for Guinevere to return to the Grail. This painting is almost too painfully beautiful to look at, for me. It also informed the song 'Calvary hill'.

And Brigi's 'Noli Me Tangere' inspired my anthemic song 'Jesus come to me'. In the painting Mary Magdalen drops her vase in awe when she first sees the resurrected Christ. The painting is flooded with light.

I feel swept up in a current of spiritual beauty, and these songs are flowing. Tim's studio is a shed in the rural, windswept garden next to the chickens! On sunday, as I was recording 'Never give up', a violent, billowing storm rolled in. Hail lashed the roof, lightning hit the weather vane and all the lights went out... including the computer. OK, OK I thought... I hear you! Never give up!



Asha’s new studio album “Thunderheart” is now available here on CD and as a download! Over 73 minutes long, there are 13 new tracks; 10 original compositions, plus the traditional songs ‘Michael row the boat ashore’ & ‘In the bleak midwinter’, as well a cover version of ‘You’ll never walk alone.’ For the latter, and for ‘Michael row the boat ashore’ Asha has added additional lyrics. The overall feeling is joyful and uplifting, with powerful hand-­drum driven spiritually-­themed songs alternating with very delicate, devotional, mystical ballads.

See the Shop for CD purchase, and Downloads for downloading the album or individual tracks.

27/07/16 ~ CD BARGAIN OFFER!!

State of Grace,” “Sacred Songs,” & “Sun, Sorrow, Flowers, Moon” are currently available for £12 all together; £9 for any two, or £5 for any one. Offer until September 30th!


Asher Quinn was also known as ‘Asha’ earlier in his music career, and has now returned to that name on albums and YouTubes! So the artist formerly known as Asher Quinn, who was formerly known as Asha, is now Asha again (use Prince for reference)!


Recording has already begun on a new album after “Thunderheart,” due for completion around November in all probability. This will be called “Calvary Hill,” and will feature several new compositions, plus at least 3 Hungarian folk­songs sung in Hungarian!

Asha now has a home just outside Budapest where he lives half the time, alternating between there and London. Opposite his Budapest home is Calvary Hill, source of much inspiration! The feeling of the new compositions and traditional songs is more folk-oriented... intimate, spiritual, visionary and gentle.

"Asher ~ one of my favourite singers! Your music is like the breath of an angel."

~ Zsolt Gomori, Hungary

Singing Stone Music Singing Stone

Singing Stone Music is now the record label on which I record, and which houses my current catalogue. Click here to read the legend of the singing stone and about the mythology of the heart with wings that I've chosen as the logo